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PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Both top and bottom covers are PVC, thickness of each side can be up to 4mm, the belt has much more advantages than non pressed PVC solid braided flame retardant conveyor belt on impact resistance, water, with longer service life, higher fastener holding.


Solid woven PVC conveyor belts have proven to be the longest wear, best performing and most problem-free parcel handling belts available. PVC solid woven conveyor belt is made of solid woven fabric dipped in PVC slurry and added with PVC covering layer, which is bonded together by vulcanization. Our polyvinyl chloride solid braided conveyor belts are developed with superior weaving technology and have a flexible construction. This means easy grooving, less spillage and increased load. PVC conveyor belts are an economical alternative to rubber conveyor belts.


Classification of PVC solid woven belts

1. The non-pressed PVC version conveyor belt is suitable for applications in dry conditions with inclination angles up to 16 degrees. The belt is not compressed and the coverage does not exceed 0.8mm.

2. Pressed PVC type conveyor belt, the top and bottom covers are PVC, each side can be up to 4mm thick, the belt has more advantages than non-pressed PVC belt in terms of impact resistance, water immersion, longer service life, and fastener retention.


Characteristics of PVC woven conveyor belt

1. High tensile strength

The pressed PVC belt has higher strength compared to the ordinary PVC conveyor belt at the same level, the pressed conveyor belt with a body structure further optimized, and higher internal bond strength. Has high tensile strength proportional to weight, excellent impact and tear resistance.

2. Excellent joint performance

The industry PVC solid woven conveyor belt can adopt mechanical joints, also it can make use of vulcanized joints. The joints efficiency is high, and it allow the joints quick finished within poor work situation. Then it ensures customers’ production carry on normally.

3. The solid woven conveyor belt has excellent fire and anti-static properties, improves troughing, and is resistant to oil, chemicals and moisture.

4. Has good flame retardant and antistatic properties.


Our solid braided conveyor belts not only meet fire and anti-static requirements, but are also tough enough to deal with the difficult problems encountered in underground coal mines.


PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belt


Main properties and specification of PVC conveyor belt

Standard MT914-2008

Selection Safety Coefficient 10(Tensile Strength*1/10)

Slope <16℃

Standard Type

Corresponding Grade

Tensile Strength≥, Nmm

Elongation ≥,%

Suggested Min-diameter of Transmission Drum






4 grade







5 grade





6 grade





7 grade





8 grade





9 grade




Conveyor belt safety performance

1. Tensile Strength & Width

Tensile strength: 500 ~ 2500 N/mm. Width: 500 ~ 2000 mm.

2. The structure of the PVC woven conveyor belt

The upper and lower glue of the PVC belt is covered with PVC coating, and the thickness of the single-sided glue is not less than 1.0mm.

3. Performance Chart

Function Name

the alcohol combustion

the propane combustion

conduct electricity the function

the roller rub

Standard value

average value≤3s, list value ≤10s(have the cover gum)


≦3×108 Ω


average value≤5s, list value ≤15s(have no cover gum)

Have no mars


Application of Solid woven Belts

Fireproof pvc solid woven conveyor belt is very suitable for coal mines, power stations, chemical industry, metallurgy and other occasions that require fire resistance and antistatic.
For example: parcel letter transportation and handling, elevator belts, fruit and vegetable packaging, airport terminals, fertilizers, food processing, medicines, etc.


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