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What Industries Have Been Improved by Industrial Conveyor Systems?

Aug. 30, 2022

Industrial conveyor belts, while not the most glamorous machines, have brought progress and profits to companies throughout the industrial sector. We can see how much of a mark they have left on the world. With advances in technology such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the impact and capabilities of conveyor systems will only grow in the future.


Here's a sampling of some of the industries indelibly impacted by conveyors


Air Travel Industry

Conveyor systems are all over airports. From light conveyors at baggage claim to more complex systems that take your luggage from check-in to the baggage handlers who place your luggage on the plane they intend to fly on, conveyors make air traffic in this country high and possible around the world.


Automotive industry

Mass production and the automotive industry have gone hand in hand since Henry Ford. The modern automobile manufacturing process would be virtually impossible without automated conveyor systems. Conveyors move production materials from robotic construction equipment to workers smoothly and efficiently.



Transportation problems have greatly benefited from advances in conveyor systems. Three-dimensional industrial conveyor systems help human workers sort, store and transport packages in warehouses and distribution centers. Your delivery can thus reach your home quickly.


What Industries Have Been Improved by Industrial Conveyor Systems?


Food processing

From pre-packaged snack cakes to granola to all your favorite spices, conveyors play an integral role in getting your food to you. Food industry conveyors move goods through all stages of preparation, packaging, and then to the stores that sell them.


Warehousing facilities

Again, warehouses and storage facilities can operate more efficiently with high-quality conveyor systems. With the help of robotic workers enhancing industrial conveyors, the process of picking, sorting and moving materials in warehouses has never been safer for the human team members on the floor.


Publishing Industry

Publishing newspapers and/or binding books requires a lot of industrial machinery and equipment. Anyone who has helped book collectors move books will tell you that books can quickly become very heavy. Specialized conveyor systems are needed to move large numbers of pages and bindings during the printing process.



Automotive manufacturing is not the only industry that uses conveyor belts. Product conveyor systems are essential for every type of manufacturing because they keep the line running and provide more ergonomically correct positioning for the people working on the line. After all - it's much easier to let the material come to you than to constantly move from one project to another.


More than just conveyors

While belts are an important part of any conveyor system, the types of belts, how they operate, and how they interconnect vary - adding depth to the belts' capabilities through lifters/rotators, tilting devices, and even reciprocating vertical belts.


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