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How Should Conveyor Belts Be Cleaned and Maintained?

Sep. 14, 2022

Besides the use in industrial and food production, conveyor belts are also very important in daily maintenance and care work! In order to effectively improve the service life and efficiency of conveyor belts, Aoyuan recommends that when you use and maintain your machines, you should also perform routine maintenance on the belts! So what exactly should be done for the maintenance and repair of the conveyor belt? Let's learn more about it below!


1. The conveyor belt should be kept clean no matter in the transportation process and stopping process, and it should be cleaned frequently. In addition, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow drenching, to prevent contact with acid and alkali oil organic solvents and other materials, and to be away from the heat of the device at least 1 meter distance.


2. The running speed of the conveyor belt should not be greater than 2.5m/sec. Some materials with large size and abrasive nature and the use of vibrating unloading device should be operated at low speed.


3. Feeding direction should follow the running direction of the conveyor belt, in order to reduce the impact of the material falling on the belt should be used oblique groove, reduce the distance of the material falling; belt receiving section should shorten the distance between the rollers and the use of rubber buffer rollers, in order to prevent leakage of material on the side of the belt should be used soft and moderate baffle plate, so as not to file the plate too hard, scratching the belt surface.


4. The same specification, type and thickness of the conveyor belt should be used together, and the joint should preferably adopt one vulcanized joint.


5. When there is a conveyor belt off, it must be installed in time to prevent the belt from working under problematic conditions. It is strictly forbidden to smash the goods directly on the conveyor belt at high places, and the goods placed on the belt must be smooth, not able to be placed diagonally or horizontally, and the use of overload is strictly forbidden. Check carefully whether there are any abnormal phenomena such as deviation or breakage when the conveyor belt is in use, and adjust and repair in time when abnormal phenomena are found to avoid expanding the impact.


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How Should Conveyor Belts Be Cleaned and Maintained?

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